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NEWS: Spaces available on the H.O.P.E coaching programme for women aged 35+ in the criminal justice system.  Contact me for more details!




“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance”
(Whitmore 1992)

I offer holistic, non-judgmental, strengths-based Personal Development coaching tailored to your needs and your goals - whether that's in relation to how you feel about yourself, your work and career, your health, your finances or your relationships.


We focus on where you are now, and where you want to be in the future, working together to develop helpful thoughts and actions that will make it easier to reach your goal, as well as manage the ups and downs of life along the way.

The most important thing to me is that my clients leave coaching feeling empowered, uplifted and motivated:  in these challenging times, we all need someone to walk alongside us and help us to keep moving forwards.

I bring my values of Integrity, Authenticity, Compassion and Social Justice to my coaching, as well as my firm belief that every woman deserves the opportunity to succeed and that every woman can succeed if she has the right support. 

So if you're struggling to reach your goals, or feeling 'stuck' in life, or just know that you want more but can't figure out what or how, give Personal Development Coaching a go - it helped me, and I'm sure it can help you too!

Melanie Sheehan, Founder, MJS Consultancy and Coaching




Sophia, Charity sector


“Melanie provided a personalised and very constructive space for me to develop professionally. 


I particularly valued her knowledge and understanding of the sector, her input, and her encouraging and very flexible approach!"

Feedback from group coaching


“Coaching helped me feel more confident and gave me more energy and hope, even one session would be helpful as it's good to know that there is someone there looking after me and caring"

“I feel more relaxed and it’s given me ideas – it’s opened for me all the doors, I know it’s OK to try this one, and if not to try again.  I have more hope, more opportunities”

“It’s keeping me going, pushing me harder to do it.  Before, I wanted to do something but didn’t know how, now I’ve moved forward" 


“Melanie gave me the confidence to pursue my goals … I would recommend these personal coaching sessions to any woman who wants to make fundamental changes in her life in relation to work/study and life goals. Thank you!”


Education sector


"I feel like I have more control, a greater perspective and understanding of my life.


Melanie has also helped me with building up my own resilience which is helping with my self-confidence, esteem and stress. She has made me realise there is a way forward on a range of things and also challenged me to look at myself and address those areas in a reflective and progressive manner.

  I am truly grateful for all Melanie’s help, support and guidance through the use of different strategies and excellent questioning she has provided and will certainly be recommending life coaching to others.

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